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Tuning Service

Niseko343 have introduced Omega SBI which is a new Stone Gliding Machine by Winter Steiger.

Bring it to the factory by evening, I will do a tune up the next morning. You can glide in the morning powder snow in the best condition.

We introduce a Winter Steiger Omega SBI, the fastest in this area.

Niseko343 have introduced Omega SBI which is a new Stone Gliding Machine by Winter Steiger. Whether it is fresh soft snow or corn snow in the spring, you would get the best sliding performance by making structure on the bottom surface of your skis and snowboards.

Sliding performance, Wax Future HOT WAX

You get high wax infiltration with an auto-waxing machine by Infrared radiation system and “Wax Future”. Therefore, You would keep the best sliding performance.

We use the Niseko Special Wax which mixes fluoro-resin.

Skilled artisan tune gears up with respect toward the snow.

Artisans in Niseko343 must be skiing master. They skied a lot in Niseko and also overseas so that they respect the snow and gears. They pursuit the best tune-up for you.

Tune up menu

Nikes 343 offers any tune up as you request us.

Tune up course

Full tune with Wax Future

9,500 yen

The structure machine gives your gear the structure after grinding the bottom surface with the machine.Our machine grinds the base edge and side edge on your gears. You could choose the angle of the edge.

We finish with base wax and sliding wax by Wax Future.

Mini tune with Wax Future

6,000 yen

We grind the bottom surface, base edge & side edge with our machine and finish with the sliding wax by Wax Future.。


Wax Future Hot Wax Base & Sliding Wax

4,700 yen

We recommend this for new gears. We select the best wax for you in two types of base waxes and paste the sliding wax. We use fluoro-resin coated wax.

Wax Future Hot Wax

2,500 yen

We infiltrate the fluoro-resin coated wax on the deep bottom surface by making base materials heat with a far infrared radiation.


Edge grinding(Hand-grinding)

4,500 yen

We grind side & base edges by hand-grinding

Fix the bottom surface

from 1,100 yen

We fix the damages and holes on the bottom surface by the particular material.

The price changes depending on how much the damages so that please ask us that.


Attach binding

If you buy the binding in our store 3,500 yen

If you bring your binding in our store 5,500 yen

Binding re-mount (Change the position)

If you buy the binding in our store 3,500 yen

If you bring your binding in our store 7,500 yen

We cover the old screw hole, scale the best position, and re-put the binding.

Ski Boots

Shell modification

2,500 yen for a part

Thermo inner modification

3,500 yen

Off-Season Ski/Snowboard Storage Service

This service is good for customer that ski around Niseko area.

And also this service is included WAX Future Service.

If you want to Tuneup Service, We are possible to do tuneup while keeping your ski/snowboard.

Before you come to Niseko, Let we know when you arrive to here. We will pass you your ski/snowboard in perfect condition.


Off-Season Storage Service (By next season)

Include Storage Wax Service.


All-Season Storage Service (Whole year)

Include Storage Wax Service and One time Wax Future Service that during season.



We will storage poles for free.

You need extra charge ¥1,000 for boots per one pair.

You need extra charge ¥2,000 for All-in-one ski bag.

Please let us have a separate consultation about that if you want to Tuneup Service while storage ski/snowboard.

We will discount ¥1,000 for ski/snowboard that you bought it at Niseko343.

Ski hire, Tuneup, and Proshop - Niseko 343

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