Good items which Niseko locals accepts to enjoy Niseko. We offer you items to stay comfortable under the fluctuating weather condition. If you came from oversea, you get the Tax-free with your passport.


We supply a lot of size and model, mainly All-Mountain design and freeride type to enjoy Niseko’s mountain. We put the early model to each maker(The next year’s model) every late Februares. We give you an opportunity to try the new one with companies, and we are happy to fulfil your request.

The brand we offer


Snow wear

We offer you functional wear like Brands in northern Europe, which makes you warm in freezing Niseko. Others are T-shuit, sweat, parker by each brands.

The brand we offer

Peak Performance (Sweden), NORRØNA (Norway)


We offer many Accessories ranging from small stuffs in a slope to avalanche gear on backcountry. We also offer you cartridge of avalanche air bag by ABS, BCA.

The brand we offer

(Coming soon)


We offer you goggles and sunglasses which focus on the design and quality of the lens to keep clear eye sight.

The brand we offer

(Coming soon)


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